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A graduate in Art and Industrial design from Kyambogo University, Stacey Gillian Abe’s practice focuses on art for the community with the objective of inspiring and motivating society; creating installations and sculptures around East Africa from media including stone, glass, cement and metal. Stacey has participated in local and international events, exhibitions, a symposium, a residency and workshops in sculpture; pursuing her drive to build a link between art and community and promoting social change in Africa.
Ronex Ahimbisibwe is a multi-media visual artist who graduated from the Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University in 2001. Since 2002, Ronex has had eleven solo art exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in and outside Uganda. Countries he has exhibited in include: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Germany, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Bulgaria, Belgium, England, Slovenia and Australia. As a passionate visual artist and a theatre performer, Ronex’s favourite disciplines represent a fusion of painting, photography, sculpture, fashion, graphic design and guitar music composition; using these media as a means of self expression to interpret the environment around him.

Disability Art Project Uganda (DAPU) is a community of people with disabilities who come together with the aim of empowering others with disabilities to develop practical skills, confidence and to fulfil their creative potential. DAPU was established in 2013 to offer art and design skills to people with disabilities living on streets and in slums to create unique products which in turn provide economic stability and lift people with disabilities off the streets and to lobby for disability rights through art. DAPU’s mission is to positively transform the lives of PWDs in Uganda.

Ocom Ekuwe Adonias is a visual artist and photographer. He graduated from the Margaret Trowel School of Industrial And Fine Art in 2013, where he majored in Watercolor Painting.  Adonias’ work centres upon the realistic representation of the life of the common man; he paints stories of everyday people he feels need to be told. He has participated in two group exhibitions; the third CSO Exhibition in 2013 and the Sadolin Marbarti Challenge exhibition 2014, at which he was awarded the position of third winner.
Kagimu Joshua Godwin AKA "Joshua the Rap Poet" is a spoken word and visual artist. He has performed at spoken word events across Kampala, including Poetry in Session; Open Mic Uganda Musuem; KWIVUGA poetry in session, Bonfire at Kampala’s National Theatre and LaBa festival. As a visual artist he paints using a range of media, and has exhibited at Uzina Initiative (NGO), Repainting Uganda World Music Festival and End of the Weak Hip Hop Summit.
A dynamic duo of Ugandan-born siblings passionate about the power of possibility: Sandra Suubi is an eco-designer and graduate of Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art, whilst Enock Kalule Kagga is a student at Makerere University and passionate about photography and design. Both are strong believers in promoting positivity through art and music. Sandra was selected to produce the backdrop for Bayimba International Festival of Art’s stage in 2013 using recycled plastic bottles and her organisation Suubi Creations centres upon creating artworks from reused materials.
Kandole Reagan is a 22 year old eco-artist and student of Kyambogo University, majoring in Sculpture and Painting. Kandole founded Waste Manager Education Project (WAMEP), which engages young people and community members in handling waste creatively, through recycling, reusing and value addition. Reagan worked with the Garbage Collectors and Ruganzu Bruno in the installation of a sculpture constructed from polythene bags at Kampala’s National Theatre, and participated in 2014’s LaBa festival, at which he made an installation of the festival logo from waste. Reagan has exhibited works in AKA gallery and Flock of Birds, Kampala.
Katumba Simon Peter is a contemporary visual artist. He has participated in arts events across Kampala, including Bayimba International Festival of the Arts; Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) Festival and LaBa festival. Simon conducts art workshops with groups across Kampala, including DAPU and is a member of 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, at which he has participated in several projects. Simon believes that visual art experiences communicated through professional artists, workshops and exhibitions can promote cross-cultural understanding and provide new perspectives and insights which can enrich our lives.
Derrick Komakech is a performing artist and visual artist. A graduate of the School of Industrial and Fine Art in Makerere, he is currently working as an art tutor for pre-school students. Derrick enjoys experimenting with art forms, including visual art, film and street theatre; and he creates artworks ranging from paintings, to sculptures and graphic design work, which he exhibits in local studios.
Contemporary visual artist, Ian Mwesiga  has participated in The Moving Africa, Dakar Biennale 2014; and has exhibited at AKA Gallery, as well as at the Hotel Serena and Mish Mash, amongst other Kampala-based venues. Ian has completed residencies was at 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust and Kuona Trust, Nairobi. Anderu Immaculate Mali creates sculptural installations out of recycled materials and hair braids. She has completed a residency at 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust and has participated in LaBa festival and the Mabarti Challenge. Both artists graduated from Makerere University.
Kizito Mbuga is a visual artist. He graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Fine Art; studying Graphic Design and Fashion Design and majoring in Oil Painting. Mbuga also works with chalk and is currently working on illustrations for Baroque publishers. Additionally, he has worked with Artivists 4 Life, an NGO which works with young people in Kayunga and Mukono; participating with them at LaBa festival.

Babirye Leilah Burns is a contemporary visual artist who specialises in abstract sculpture. She graduated from Makerere University in 2010, having majored in sculpture, and works with wood, scrap metal and found objects. Babirye Leilah deals with subjects including human rights in Uganda, exploring political, social and economic issues. She has completed residences at the Kuona Trust in Kenya, Nafasi Art Space in Tanzania, Hospital Field in Scotland and 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, and received an award from the Royal Overseas League in the UK in 2013.

Kino Musoke is a Ugandan animator, comic book artist and film-maker. He came to prominence with his animated music video ‘Power’ by GNL Zamba, for which he won awards for Best Director, Best Cinematographer and Best Male Video. Kino has made music videos with further Ugandan artists and exhibited his flagship cartoon character, BreezyNuts at the Goethe Zentrum’s Comic Exhibition in 2013; a character which was introduced to the world by Eric Mukalazi at the inaugural KLA ART festival in 2012. He has gone on to produce, direct and edit a number of documentaries under the name of Dragonfly Media.
Ogwang Jimmy John is a visual and sound artist. Having graduated from Kyambogo University, he opened his studio O.J Arts, now Kifaru Art studio, in Kampala, from where he works on designs, paintings, photography, pottery and conceptual artworks, including sound installations and recordings. Jimmy John completed a residency at 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust in 2013, during which he explored sound as an art form and the use of sound in installations. He collaborated in projects including the "Know Go Zone", which was showcased at Bayimba International Festival of Arts in 2013 and "Dance in the City" photography exhibition.
Peter Makwa is a 24 year old visual artist from Mbale, Uganda. He graduated with a First Class Degree in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University, majoring in Ceramics, Painting and 2D Graphic Design. Makwa has participated in exhibitions including LaBa festival, 2012; Christmas Art Exhibition, Nommo Gallery, 2012; Internal Annual Art Exhibition, Kyambogo University, 2012 and 2013.
Grace Sarah is a visual artist, sculptor and a business administrator based in Fort Portal, Uganda. She has been passionate about art since childhood, joining a vocational school for art in order to develop her skills and practice. She has always had an interest in fabric, in particular; making toys from clothes as a child. Grace Sarah is a member of Fort Portal based art group Fort Portal AfroArt, which exhibits artworks by local artists to sell.
A recent graduate from Margaret Trowel School, Makerere University, Papa Shabani is a documentary photographer who uses film, graffiti, graphics, fashion and water colour painting to express his creativity. An award-winning photographer (Uganda Press Photo Awards 2013), Papa is currently an artist-in-residence at 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust. He has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Kampala and his work has been featured on websites and blogs around the world.
Anest Gabriel Shaloom is a 22 year old visual artist from Jinja, Uganda. Gabriel is based at (INSERT NAME) gallery in Jinja; he specialises in painting both abstract and realistic images and exploring elements of society through his work and he ensures that a percentage of each of the works that he sells is donated to a social cause.

Richard Manyonge Wasike is a 51 year old visual artist from Mbale; the foothills of Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda. His artistic talent was recognised by his father at the tender age of five, as he guided and encouraged him in the drawing of African landscapes. Wasike studied Fine Art in Uganda, before moving to Nairobi where he joined BIFA, Institute of Fine Art and settled as a freelance artist for fifteen years; painting the beautiful Savannah landscapes. Wasike has recently moved to Kansanga, Kampala, and is now specialising in acrylics.

Samson Ssenkaaba a.k.a Xenson, is a Ugandan Artist, fashion designer and poet at the vanguard of a youthful African Art renaissance that refuses to be pigeonholed into a singular Artistic expression. 

A solitary dreamer greatly influenced by the grandeur of African cultures, vitality of African dance and performance, and hip-hop as a free expressive art form. Samson traded his engineering studies to join the Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala where he graduated with a 1st class honors degree. Since then, intermittent appearances of his Art works, Films and fashions (see his fashion at have been shown in numerous exhibitions and shows in Uganda and abroad. 


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Twenty of Uganda's freshest contemporary artists and artist collectives will transform twenty boda boda motorcycle taxis into unique artworks, each representing their interpretation of the Unmapped. Also look out for these artists' works as part of the Artists Studios Network.


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